Enraged Truck Driver Ties Wife To Well For Bringing Home Another Man

An enraged man, Muyiwa Sikiru has reportedly tied his wife to a well in Oke- Aro area of Akure, the Ondo state capital for allegedly cheating on him.

According to Within Nigeria, the man who is a truck driver had travelled only for him to return after three months and discover that his wife was housing another man.

Angry at the situation, he dragged his wife out of the room and tied her to a well.

The boyfriend who was cohabiting with the married woman was in bathroom when he heard the husband shouting and to avoid the situation he escaped through the window.

It was learnt that the timely intervention of some elders in the area prevented the husband from harming the wife for her alleged infidelity.

They later pleaded with him and took the couple to the police station for an amicable settlement of the matter.

The state police image maker, Funmi Odunlami was unavailable for comments. However, a police officer said that the matter has being handled by a police station in the town

The aggrieved husband has insisted that his wife and boyfriend must be arrested and prosecuted maintaining that he was ready to press charges.

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