Businesses, Movement On Stand Still For Hours As Obidients Shut Down Calabar

The city of Calabar was reportedly shut down for over five hours when support groups of the Labour Party (LP) hit the streets on Monday to campaign for the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

According to reports, major Calabar roads as well as other streets close to the popular centre of activities, the eleven-eleven roundabout, where major state events are usually held, were filled with supporters of Obi.

The Obidients had converged at the roundabout as early as 7am and proceeded to major roads

There was gridlock for over four hours which led to the halt of economic activities and free movement of pedestrians.

Young LP supporters chanted, “Freedom has come finally” while the elderly ones said, “Our time is fading out. We are doing this for your sake. You had better wake and seize this chance and free yourself from the cabals and corrupt politicians…”

Speaking to reporters, one Ogar Osim said they had estimated to have only 2-million people marching but the crowd far exceeded their expectation as there were more than two million, five hundred thousand persons present.

You can see that Nigerians are very tired of other parties that bastardise our collective gains and channelled them into selfish paths”, Daily Post quoted him as saying.

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