Wike Makes Urgent Appeal To Supreme Court On Independence Day

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has called on the Supreme Court to make a ruling on the case concerning the collection and distribution of value-added tax generated from the state by the Federal Government.

He insisted that a favorable ruling would lead to more financial resources that would eventually accelerate the economic growth of the state.

Omadaily reports that the governor made the appeal during 62nd independence anniversary of Nigeria at the Sharks Football Stadium in Port Harcourt on Saturday.

Speaking on the state on the nation, he added that the growing corruption and insecurity in Nigeria faced by millions of Nigerians may not end soon.

He said, “We have also not given up in our determination to right the injustice associated with the collection and distribution of value-added taxes generated from the state by the Federal Government just as we again call on the Supreme Court to, please, treat this matter with the urgency that it requires.”

Wike argued that since the country returned to democracy rule in 1999, Nigeria has constantly experienced deliberate constitutional distortions, institutional weaknesses and widespread corruption which has impeded Nigerians from enjoying a robust democratic practice.

This is not to say that Nigeria has not made any progress as a nation. Certainly, we have achieved some visible developmental strides and economic progress as Africa’s largest economy. The fact that we have remained together despite the recurrent conflicts and crisis of confidence is also worth celebrating as an achievement.

“But, after 62 years, Nigeria deserves more than what it has achieved and Nigerians likewise deserve much more than what their leaders have delivered to them with the country’s enormous natural and human resources,” he added.

The governor opined that the present federal government had failed in providing the most basic service which is guaranteeing the protection of lives and properties.

The Peoples Democratic Party chieftain lamented the collapse of the education and healthcare system, adding that the federal government has continued to toy with the future of the youths.

And with compulsive corruption, insecurity, low export earnings, protracted forex crisis and an economy so close to bankruptcy the untold suffering and hopeless future among Nigerians will continue if something is not done to improve the quality of political leadership in our country,” he added.

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