What Will Happen If Peter Obi Wins The Presidency And He Is Not Recognised

The leader of the Yoruba socio-cultural group, Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebanjo has shared his thoughts on what will happen in Nigeria if Labour Party ( LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi wins the presidency and it is taken away from him.

Adebanjo stated that there would be a crisis in Nigeria if Obi wins the 2023 presidency and is not recognised.

Speaking in an interview with Punch, the Afenifere leader explained that the LP is no longer a party but a movement of aggrieved Nigerians who wants a change in the country.

Shedding more light on Afenifere’s decision to back obi, he insisted that the association is not a Yoruba group alone but a Yoruba association of the Action Group.

He said “No, Afenifere is not a Yoruba group alone; that’s the mistake you are making; it is a Yoruba association of the Action Group. The Action Group was one of those who championed the cause of federalism in Nigeria before independence. I said the Western Region has had its share. How can we be talking about equity and we have the Igbo, who are part of the federation, deny them of their rights? This is not a Yoruba matter, but what will keep us together and give us progress. This message is what you should consider and forget Adebanjo.”

When asked if he thinks Obi can lead Nigeria from the economic quagmire plaguing the country he replied that the former governor is one of those who left office and was not chased by the EFCC which says a lot about his character.

He argued that the country would be turbulent if Obi wins the 2023 presidency and it is manipulated in a bid to put someone else in power.

He warned that there would be an uprising in the country if the youths come together to vote a candidate into power and some forces decided that the vote will not be recognised.

Certainly, there will be crises if Obi wins the election and is not recognised. If he doesn’t win and you vote in the Fulani or those who have done woefully, there will be crises, because it is between Tinubu and Atiku, if not Obi. Tinubu represents the government that has failed and Atiku represents another failure. Am I wrong? Atiku is representing a region that is excluding one of the members of the federation and you want peace? Or do you want us to go back to somebody who has proved clueless about our problems and has worsened our situation for eight years? Except Obi wins and you allow him to rule, because I don’t rule out his winning and Buhari saying no, and that there is a problem in Katsina and the election is inconclusive. And I am sure he will not get away with it. If he tries to Babangida us, we shall Babangida him. The position is simple, you don’t need a signboard; with this revolution of the youth and they vote and you say you won’t recognise it, then you cause a revolution. If you make change impossible, you make violent change inevitable. I am repeating it for anybody to come and catch me. For the election to be free and fair and Obi wins, but you don’t want him to be sworn in, you are joking and calling for revolution,” he added.

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