Ruggedman Sends Important Message To Learned Nigerians

Veteran Rapper and talk show host, Ruggedman have slammed educated Nigerians who allowed ethnicity and greed overshadow their moral in the forthcoming general elections.

The rapper via his Twitter page on Nigeria’s 62nd independence anniversary, urged Nigerians to put asides sentiment and vote for the candidate that is the most qualified to move the country forward.

The musician, whose real name is Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, expressed disappointment over the attitude of some Nigerians who don’t see elections as a chance to put good people in places of power, but rather as a game of the best money spenders and election riggers.

His tweets reads; ‘‘Its so sad that a lot of supposed learned Nigerians have allowed tribe and greed overshadow their morals. They don’t see elections as a chance to put good people in places of power to make life better for Nigerians.

“Instead they see elections as a game where the best at spreading money and rigging wins. How exactly do you expect positive change and progress from such?

“Do not vote because the candidate is your friend or from your village or paid you money.

“Vote because he/she is the most qualified person to move the country forward.”

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