Nigeria Has Nothing To Celebrate Under Buhari – LP

The Labour Party (LP) has said the country does not have anything to celebrate in the last seven years of the Muhammadu Buhari government.

In a statement on Saturday to celebrate the country’s 62nd Independence Day anniversary, the party said Nigeria has not recorded any major landmark achievement under the Buhari administration.

According to the statement issued by the National Publicity Secretary of the party, Abayomi Arabambi, the LP said President Buhari has left Nigerians with nothing to celebrate the Independence Day anniversary.

The party said the All Progressives Congress (APC) government has put the country on auction by its corrupt, inept, terribly inadequate, inefficient and grossly irresponsible governance.

The statement read, “The country has absolutely nothing to celebrate on, rather a larger part of the overstressed population are gnashing their teeth as they struggle to exist among various loads of avoidable sufferings.

“In practically all and every sector of national governance, the APC has scored zero. Instead, it has been solely records of total failure. In security, zero; education, nought and nothing remarkable recorded in the health sector. It is not necessary to keep naming all because there is just no single sector that hasn’t been recording failure. 

“Nigerians are high-value shining stars noted and acknowledged across the world in the field of science and technology, innovation, academia, music and have no business with becoming citizens of a failed nation.

“LP sincerely advises the Nigerian voting public to use this moment of reality and truth to reflect on the need to send the APC government out of office. Fortunately, this is an election year.  All of the current challenges the nation faces are brought on by the inefficiency and corruption of the APC which could have been avoided were the APC Government competent.

“In a moment like this, it is the patriotic duty of all responsible citizens in or outside the country to be concerned enough to join the ongoing efforts to save Nigeria through collective and honest cooperation. To remove political cancer called APC must become a joint struggle of all Nigerians to remove the ruling party from power at the 2023 polls.”

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