WATCH: “I cooked for you in Belgium” -Super Eagles’ stars banter on cooking skills, fashion sense

In a short quiz by Forest TV called You or Me, Taiwo Awoniyi and Emmanuel Dennis were the guests and both players bantered on what each of them does better than the other 

The first question posed was about who is the better cook, and Awoniy said he is. Dennis responded, “Nah bro,”

Awoniyi stressed further, “Bro, you dey come my house come eat now,”

Dennis responded, “Your wife is making the food, not you.” Not caught loose, Awoniyi replied, “when we were living in Belgium bro, ”

Awoniyi in his response also said; “Bro don’t lie, be honest,”

Dennis said; “he can cook as well but I feel like I cook better,”

Awoniyi: “When we were in Belgium bro, I’m cooking man,”

Dennis: “I know you can cook but the thing is I can cook better.”

Awoniyi: “I’m not sure bro. That’s a big lie. Be honest Dennis.”

When asked about their best dish, Dennis answered “I cook everything, “ and Awoniyi also said “he knows I can cook everything. To be honest he knows,”

Awoniyi agreed Dennis has more social media followers and also accepted the former Club Brugge forward is the better dancer.

Both players chose themselves in the question of who will win a 100m race. A surprised Dennis said “brah” with a smile and laughter and Awoniyi responded “Yeah bro,”

Dennis: “No way. Everyone knows it’s me.”

On who is more likely to get in trouble, both players united in their choices of the former Watford forward. For who is more likely to get a degree, both players also agreed it’s Awoniyi.

When asked who is more likely to be late to training, each player chose the other and Dennis said “not me bro” which Awoniyi laughed to.

Each player also chose themselves as the better finisher and also tipped the same for who’s going to score more goals this season.

Awoniyi agrees his compatriot has the better fashion sense and said “for sure, I give it to him, no arguments” but stresses his ability to cook and dared Dennis to a 100m race to settle their argument.

The quiz on Nottingham Forest’s Facebook page generated lots of comments and more than 100,000 views.

Both players will be expecting more opportunities this season as they look to help Nottingham Forest improve their wobbly start to the season so far.


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