Lakers Star Show Off $110,000 Wristwatch, Jokingly Named It ‘Papa Smurf’

The 37-year-old NBA star player, LeBron James, has joked on Instagram that he had already given his new Audemars Piguet the moniker “Papa Smurf” after spending a small fortune on it.

The four-time NBA Champion was on Instagram flexing with his $100,000 wristwatch, and due to its vivid blue colour, he gave it the name “Papa Smurf.”

The timepiece is captivating at first glance. The watch is even more magnificent, filled with exquisite details.

Cartoon character Papa Smurf is the father figure of many young Smurfs.

LeBron Nicks His Watch Papa Smurf

It should not come as a piece of news that ‘King James’ is one of the wealthiest athletes of all time and owns an excellent array of homes, vehicles, and accessories.

According to the Mirror, a legendary Audemars Piguet 41mm Perpetual Calendar Royal Oak with a brand-new, blueberry-blue ceramic case and bracelet is now included in Jame’s collection.

James is a well-known watch collector who owns a watch for every occasion and style of clothing. According to GQ magazine, James owns a wide variety of timepieces from brands like Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, and Rolex.

The Superstar became the first active NBA player to appear on the Forbes billionaires list in June 2022, when the publication declared him to be one. Forbes added him to an elite list after he reportedly made £111.5 million in the previous year before taxes and agent fees.

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