Nollywood Actor Whose Gay S3x Tape Leaked, Bows To Pressure, Speaks His Truth

Nollywood actor Godwin Maduagu has come out as gay a year after his s3xtape was leaked.

The actor who was caught on camera having intercourse with a man had blatantly denied it and blamed it on technology.

The S3x tape

Omadaily recalls that in March 2021, a popular blogger had released Maduagu’s s3x tape which had caused quite a stir online.

However, the actor had denied it insisting that it was a doctored tape.

During a question and answer session on his Instagram page he alleged that bloggers were blackmailing him.

When some of his fans pressed further, saying his face was seen in the video and he could not deny it, the actor blamed technology, saying that anything can happen.

The Denial

See the conversation below between the actor and his fans

Fan, “We all saw your face in the video what else?”

Godwin, “We are in 24 centuries, so anything can happen technologically.”

Fan, “I am not judging you, it must really be a hard time. Why did you record the video.”

Godwin: “How will I be aware of something I can’t evn comprehend?”

Fan, “Did u ever send message to gistlover. Like a curse”

Godwin replied: “I never did such, but they still threaned to post more just like a time bomb. But if anything happens to me

“That blog will be held responsible.”

Fan, “According to what was written is the guy in your truly your boyfriend?”

Godwin: “I don’t known what you are talking about.

Bloggers just write whatever thay wan and destroy lifes just to gain more traffic and money.”


Acceptance And Confirmation.

However, after claiming that the video was doctored, Maduagu has now revealed that indeed he is gay and had considered suicide when the tape leaked.

He explained that he was betrayed by some of his friends at the peak of his career.

However, he has now developed a thick skin and is willing to live as his true self.

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